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Sorry, the book that you are looking for is not available right now. Books with a similar title. Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews If you enjoy a dark, pulse-pounding thriller Where Angels Rest is a highly recommended read.

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Prepare to stay up all night, then sleep with the lights on. Claire Kate Brady's debut novel is everything romantic suspense should be: scary, sexy, pulse-pounding, and page-turning. Remarkable characters, pitch-perfect pacing, and a memorable villain make One Scream Away a standout book.

Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 01, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: romantic-suspense , stars. Now he's given a stay of execution, Erin has just seven days to uncover new evidence. The man she believes to be the real murderer has been tracked to a small town in Ohio, with a new identity and an assumed name. Not prepared to wait for the local police to check the man's identity, she travels to Hopewell, Ohio. Nick Mann has been sheriff in Hopewell for five years, returning to his homet 4.

Nick Mann has been sheriff in Hopewell for five years, returning to his hometown with his daughter from LA after his wife was murdered. This is such a brilliantly written suspense with some great twists and turns and a well-constructed profile and psychological background of the murderer. The characterisations of Nick and Erin are just as fleshed out. The dialogue is realistic.

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The plot is fast, enthralling with no stupid as far as I remember actions by the heroine as often happens in romantic suspense. Kate Brady is one of those rare romance authors who writes a hero's voice well, making it sound distinctly male rather than what a female thinks a man sounds like or wants a man to act like.

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Nick is definitely no SNAG, yet he is protective and confident. Recommended for readers who like the emphasis to be on the mystery and suspense with a healthy dose of romance. And who like their protagonists to act maturely instead of like hormonal teenagers. The hero is forty, the heroine in her mid-thirties.

The romance and love scenes are there but handled lightly. Similar in many ways to romantic suspense by Karen Rose. Clever, intelligent, mature Where Angels Rest is first class suspense with romance. View all 33 comments. Dark and full of twists and turns, this book grabs you by the throat from the prologue and never lets you go. Breathtaking and intense, a suspense book that has you guessing and looking constantly over your shoulder. Erin Sims has spent her whole life looking after her little brother.

She now has only 7 days to save him Stars This 4. She now has only 7 days to save him from death row. She is willing to sacrifice everyone and anyone in her quest, that for the past 12 years has costed her everything. Family, friends and credibility. She is his only champion but help sometimes comes when you least expect it Niklaus Mann is the sheriff of the peacefull town of Hopewell in rural Ohio.

But Nick knows no peace An ex-L. He knows that he wants to save the world from murderers and drug dealers, but he feels guilty and wants to provide the best for his daughter. Tormented and wounded, he tries for the best, chasing racoons and drunks in his sleepy town, until Erin crashes his peace with her terrifying news that the town HIS TOWN, a serious case of hero complex harbors a killer.

He becomes her only champion and they find a soulmate in each other. Manhunt, doubts, a twisted killer, shocking revalations, attraction and salvation. What else you wish for in a story? This book delivers it all!!

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The most disturbing part is the villain. A true sociopath Around the middle of the book I figured out the killer's identity. I don't claim to be a sleuth or anything I just blame some childhood quirks I had!

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I had a really active imagination and I used to think that she was lying and she was always watching us.. Weird right? I know So I just couldn't trust Rodney bastard!

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And it turned out I was right!! View all 22 comments. Jun 14, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , single-titles , cops-law-enforcement-security , romantic-suspense. The heroine was amazing, she was so strong after all she had been through as a girl and then fighting for her brother all these years. The hero well had this guilt over what had happened to his wife because of him and took her under his wing. I guessed pretty early on who the killer was though but I still enjoyed the book. Dec 04, Mei rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary. There's an edge here that is missing in SB books.

There's a darness and a feeling of helplessness that I enjoy in my romantic suspense.

Also I love a weel defined villain and here it is the case! The tight time-line the heroine, Erin is running on makes for a brethless read! The descrition od the hero, Nick is so very well done!!! Here it is not a case: Nick's POV feels like something a real-life man could think or at least I think he could think!

And that's good, real good!

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The story is intricated and very fast paced. A great, great book with the right amout of everything that makes a book great! View 2 comments. She believes a man now going by the name Jack Calloway is the one responsible and she tracks him to Ohio in the hopes of finding evidence against him, or at least enough evidence to bring doubt into the case to in turn help her brother. What ends up happening is a crazy chain of events, missing persons, vandalism, and murder that rocks this quiet town and pulls the sheriff, Nick Mann, back into a world he thought he was escaping in coming to Ohio from the LAPD.

Nick moved to Ohio after working in the LAPD and dealing with monsters on the street that got away, either through loop holes in the system or criminals that were just never caught. Everything that happens over the course of one week, the length of time that Justin has left, is connected and while all signs are pointing to Jack, there are many more loose threads out there that Erin, Nick and his entire team are tracking.

I was sucked into Where Angels Rest from the start.