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Clinical and epidemiological features of an usual epidemic exanthem. Adultpericarditis and myocarditis due to Coxsackie virus group B, type 5. Viruses and illnesses in a boys' summer camp. Inoculation of human volunteers with strains of Coe virus isolated in Britain. Intestinal viral flora of healthy children demonstrable by monkey kidney tissue culture.

Clinical paralytic poliomyelitis due to Coxsackie virus group A, type 7. Structure and development of viruses as observed in the electron microscope. ECHO virus, type 9.

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Poliomyelitis in pregnancy; a report of 79 cases in Connecticut. Studies on the cultivation of poliomyelitis viruses in tissue culture. The direct isolation and serologic identification of virus strains in tissue culture from patients with nonparalytic and paralytic poliomyelitis. Report of an outbreak of febrile illness with pharyngeal lesions and exanthem: Toronto, summer ; isolation of group A Coxsackie virus.

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Poliomyelitis; the pre-paralytic stage, and the effect of physical activity on the severity of paralysis. Present status of attenuated live-virus poliomyelitis vaccine.

ECHO type 9 virus disease. Live, orally given poliovirus vaccine. Effects of rapid mass immunization on population under conditions of massive enteric infection with other viruses. The clinical spectrum of ECHO-virus infection. Studies on the propagation in vitro of poliomyelitis viruses. Viral multiplication in a stable strain of human malignant epithelial cells strain HeLa derived from an epidermoid carcinoma of the cervix.

Alteration of experimental poliomyelitis infection in the Syrian hamster with the aid of cortisone. Poliomyelitic properties of certain non-polio viruses: enteroviruses and heine-Medin disease. Unusual properties of a virus isolated from the spinal cord of a child with fatal poliomyelitis. Fatal bulbospinal paralytic poliomyelitis due to ECHO 11 virus. Non-paralytic poliomyelitis.

The incidence of infection with poliovirus and other viruses in cases of aseptic meningitis nonparalytic poliomyelitis in Sheffield in J Hyg Lond Dec; 55 4 — Further studies of an epidemic of exanthem associated with aseptic meningitis. Q J Med. Neuropathogenicity of non-polio enteroviruses with special reference to ECHO 9 virus. Folia Psychiatr Neurol Neurochir Neerl. Presence of two interrferring enterovirral agents ECHO virus type 9 and poliovirus type 2 in the human central nervous system.

Influence of age and sex on susceptibility and clinical manifestations in poliomyelitis. Viremia infection due to ECHO virus type 9. Start Here.

Bacterial vs. Diagnosis and Tests. Prevention and Risk Factors. Related Issues. Clinical Trials.

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Article: Solving the species problem in viral taxonomy: recommendations on non-Latinized binomial Article: Epidemiology of blood-borne viral infections in Afghanistan. Viral Infections -- see more articles. Find an Expert. The next step will be to see if the drug can kill viruses in bigger animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and ultimately monkeys, Rider said. Then, if the drug is still safe and effective, the U. Food and Drug Administration may approve human clinical trials, Rider said.

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Still, it will be "at least a decade before you can buy this at the drugstore. Read Caption.

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A colorized transmission electron micrograph picture of the Ebola virus. There's no cure for the common cold—yet. Alien -Like Viruses Tough to Beat.

New Drug Packs Double Whammy. Even with all these steps yet to go, the new drug has promise, Bucknell's Pizzorno added. Continue Reading.