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Each message would be short, later packaged into a single transmission and sent using one of NASA's facilities. And since it was When I suggested the idea, the bureaucrats involved with National Science Week were intrigued, if a little sceptical, but asked me to explore it. In the months that followed, I had conversations with sometimes quizzical senior CSIRO staff, leading astronomers and US government officials, negotiating terms and agreeing to specifications. We hoped sending messages through the cosmos would get people excited about the International Year of Astronomy.

Surprisingly, we didn't need approval to transmit an interstellar message — but we would have if we wanted to respond to an extraterrestrial signal. You can understand why: if an extraterrestrial signal is received, you can't have everyone with a high-gain antenna answering back.

New technology is forcing us to confront the ethics of bringing people back from the dead

So who speaks for Earth? Television transmissions from every city go into space every day, blanketing the whole sky as the Earth turns. Military radar is even more powerful, and probably detectable for, what, light-years? It's a minority of the scientific community, but it exists. Watch as Catalyst investigates an unprecedented search for ET — and reveals an answer may come sooner than you think.

Despite the debate, Davies said the academy had no official opinion on interstellar messages. And personally, he didn't object.

A Final Goodbye

Extraterrestrials with technology advanced enough to threaten us would also have much better antennas and would know we're here. So, no jurisdiction but no objection. Just the infinitesimal chance that Hello from Earth might prompt an invasion fleet from Gliese d. That telescope sent the first intentional interstellar message in — a three-minute broadcast aimed at the M13 globular star some 25, light years away.

But it turned out that I wasn't the only one it inspired: I was working on the 20th interstellar transmission, and there have been another 11 since. Some have been serious attempts to hail alien civilisations, but most have been science communication exercises aimed at fostering public engagement. One was sent in by a large metre dish outside Madrid to commemorate the 50th anniversary of NASA.

Phantom Phone Calls: 4 True Stories of Calls From Beyond the Grave

It also happened to be the 40th anniversary of the recording of the Beatles song, "Across the Universe", hence it was selected for transmission — with approval from Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, and Apple Records. The song was transmitted to Polaris, which is light years distant and unsuited for life, as it is a triple-star system anchored by a yellow supergiant. In those eight days, I hired a company to fast-build a website that allowed people to register via email and upload a message that would appear on Hello from Earth, as well as be collected for transmission.

We leased a dedicated server at a large-scale data centre in Sydney and built a website, which included information about the Gliese system, the planets beyond our solar system we knew about a the time we now know of 4, , and background on the scientific thinking on extraterrestrial life.

The then-science minister Kim Carr launched the project at Questacon in Canberra on August 12, submitting the first message:. These messages express our people's dreams for the future. We want to share those dreams with you. Australian minister leads nation in contacting planet Gliese d". In the days that followed, the website was bombarded with visitors from all over the world and we had back-to-back calls for radio interviews from everywhere. The messages that came in were an insight into people more than anything: there was a lot of humour, sure, but also heartfelt yearning:.

Want more science — plus health, environment, tech and more? Subscribe to our channel. We also stipulated that messages would be moderated and rejected if deemed inappropriate — that is, if they contained profanity, racism, derogatory comments or personal attacks. NASA; however, insisted on a very high level of decorum: nothing remotely suggestive including the word 'breast'! This terrified Nathan and me , especially because he began imagining Emily freezing, possibly in the same car she had died in.

That's where the story takes an even stranger twist. The OP could absolutely be perpetrating a hoax these things have happened on the internet once or twice before or he could be mentally ill many posters have suggested PTSD or a dissociative disorder. It is possible that Nathan is sending himself these messages to himself while dissociating. Others are assuming that Emily's mother, stricken with grief, has been sending the messages or that a hacker is just toying with Nathan's emotions.

Either way, once you read the full story, it's unlikely that you'll be able to ignore the sounds of your house settling and you may have a hard time turning the light off. Especially after you read Nathan's last post, a garbled mess of nonsense that just might make your heart race. The thing that's most remarkable about this story is how commenters have come together to try and help Nathan. I had already turned purple.

Always there

She grabbed me, shook me, and blew in my face until I started breathing again. I don't remember this experience, but I do remember being in a bassinet that had no liner. I remember studying my hands and what my hands looked like as an infant. My mother said I couldn't possibly remember this, but I did, and I was right. Until the age of four, Brock survived numerous nearly fatal accidents that caused cessation of breath.

Her memory of each is detailed and verified by relatives, even though several occurred when she was only a toddler. Right from her earliest years I suspect from when she was but a few weeks old , she displayed the typical aftereffects of the near-death phenomenon, including stunningly accurate psychic abilities, extended perceptual range, and heightened faculties. Like Hipple, she has been visited by the dead, "advised" of pending deaths, and has known the exact moment individuals died.

Yet Brock has been haunted throughout her life, and not just by the deceased who grabbed at her in death's tunnel. An overshadowing theme of "Why would anyone want to harm me? It's almost as if her mother's prayer that she die imprinted her brain in some manner. I say that because Brock's many brushes with death, even as an infant, were precipitated by acts of self-destructive behavior.

That single overshadowing theme continued to undermine the satisfaction that her many accomplishments in life should have given her. This did not change until after her husband's suicide in At that time, according to Brock, her father and son, long since dead, and her recently deceased husband, physically and in broad day-light, drove up to her front door in an old Cadillac, honked the horn, and called out, "We're together now and we're okay.

We just wanted you to know. This ghostly spectacle gave Brock the reassurance she needed to finally free herself from the "ghost" of her own past. Her mother's death decree, which she had subconsciously been trying to both justify and nullify throughout her life, was finally put to rest when her husband's suicide forced her to confront her own life's issues as she came to terms with his.

In Brock's case, her near-death episode was but one in a long series of similar events that finally brought her to that point of peace within herself where true forgiveness and understanding reside.

Our investigation begins with what happened in the spring of to Jennine Wolff of Troy, New York. She was thirty years old at the time. Due to complications from endometriosis, she suffered numerous bouts of hemorrhaging, several surgeries including a hysterectomy , an additional hemorrhage of massive proportions, and, finally, emergency surgery. I felt whole and loved. My sense of well-being was complete.

I heard celestial music clearly and saw vivid colored flowers, like nothing seen on earth, gorgeous greenery and trees. All he said to me was that it was up to me whether to come back to earth or not.

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I chose to come back to finish my work. That is when I was born again. I am now more aware of people's feelings, beliefs, and needs. I am more compassionate and considerate of others. Also more confident in God's love. When you delve into Wolff's history, a fascinating pattern emerges one of disciplined devotion to the spiritual path.

Raised in a strict but loving Presbyterian home, she suddenly developed the ability to have visions when but a teenager. Her concerned parents took her for evaluation to the spiritualist camp of Lily Dale, located in New York State. These experienced psychics advised them that their daughter had a special gift, and that she must decide whether to go on with a normal teenage life or commit herself to spiritual training. She chose to develop her gift. At the age of twenty-one and after seven years of instruction, Wolff met Sam Lentine, a blind biophysicist. He had the scientific background; she had the spiritual.

Together they formed a professional partnership dedicated to the restoration of true health and wholeness throughout humankind. Fourteen years later, after the partners had made tremendous strides in the health field and were becoming internationally known for their ability to facilitate the healing process, Lentine died. Today, Wolff is a waitress at a senior citizens' facility. I felt like a baby afterward, and, at the age of thirty, was faced with learning about life all over again. I couldn't stand light at first. When I could, everything became brighter and better than before.

My whole perspective drastically improved; I felt more grounded, solid, okay. My psychic gifts skyrocketed. But it still took me a long time to readjust. The doctors said, Oh, it's just the stress of what you've been through. I disagreed. What I was going through was unrelated to the surgery.

My mother and father understood, and, especially, my mother's constant love and support made it possible for me to grasp hold of my new life and deal with it.

18 People Describe Messages They Received From Beyond the Grave

My death stepped up my original commitment to serve as a healer. I was much more understanding of others.

Message From Beyond

When I went back to work, Sam and I peaked in our performance - we did our best work. Five years later Sam died. You have to understand how close we were, how bonded our families.