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Boeing wants these leaders to understand its offerings well, especially the new ones. It also wants to know how they rate these Boeing products in comparison to rival Airbus-and what they like in the upcoming highly efficient mid-size 7E7. It was an eye opener for financiers to see their peers' feelings displayed on the screen, resulting in instantly improved attitudes about lending money for Boeing products, he added.

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In turn, some industry analysts upped their rating opinions of Boeing after the meetings. Skowronski said it's important to know not only what sort of planes airlines would like to buy, but also what sort of planes financial institutions want to finance. It may sound good, for example, to offer the various airlines many different options for things such as seating, interior decoration, and cargo space.

But, as it turns out, financial institutions would rather lend money for airplanes with fewer available options. With fewer options, if resale is required, airplanes are more interchangeable among airlines.

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Reconfiguring is minimized-so a new carrier can simply take possession, make sure the plane is clean, well-maintained and safe, paint a new logo, and start earning money. This dovetails with the integrated service programs that Boeing is offering on the 7E7.

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Using the feedback keypad, Boeing also was able to gauge financing experts' attitudes as to which manufacturer's product is likely to change the airplane-market game. The 7E7 is not only "a technology game changer," Skowronski said, it makes investors feel more comfortable about their investments. In these transactions, investors are tiered into senior and junior segments, with the junior investors accepting greater risk for theoretically greater returns, he said.

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Unfortunately, if an airline were to default, the junior investors were more likely to incur a loss. Skowronski said the BCC team's stock-in- trade is structuring and restructuring complex financial transactions. This helps ensure that a wide array of investors will be there for Boeing when it needs them.

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The need for customer financing solutions and support is growing at both Commercial Airplanes and IDS. Boeing Capital also actively seeks out new alternative financing solutions. Skowronski said the BCC team currently is working with two major Wall Street banks "to create a new concept that would provide a dedicated pool of funding for the 7E7 aircraft.

With such a plan in place, more airlines will be able to acquire the 7E7, while the financing risk would be spread among a larger group of investors. All the while, BCC is concerned about aircraft financing internationally. It continues its work to remove obstacles in worldwide financing, through strong support for the Cape Town Treaty.

The intent of this accord is to lower risk for lenders to overseas customers who may get into duress situations such as bankruptcy. One assumption in investing is that a higher degree of risk means a higher potential return. Conversely, investors who take on a low degree of risk have a low potential return. According to Markowitz's theory, there is an optimal portfolio that could be designed with a perfect balance between risk and return.

The optimal portfolio does not simply include securities with the highest potential returns or low-risk securities.

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The optimal portfolio aims to balance securities with the greatest potential returns with an acceptable degree of risk or securities with the lowest degree of risk for a given level of potential return. The points on the plot of risk versus expected returns where optimal portfolios lie are known as the efficient frontier. Assume a risk-seeking investor uses the efficient frontier to select investments.

The investor would select securities that lie on the right end of the efficient frontier. The right end of the efficient frontier includes securities that are expected to have a high degree of risk coupled with high potential returns, which is suitable for highly risk-tolerant investors. Conversely, securities that lie on the left end of the efficient frontier would be suitable for risk-averse investors. The efficient frontier and modern portfolio theory have many assumptions that may not properly represent reality.

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For example, one of the assumptions is that asset returns follow a normal distribution. Consequently, asset returns are said to follow a leptokurtic distribution or heavy-tailed distribution.

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Additionally, Markowitz posits several assumptions in his theory, such as that investors are rational and avoid risk when possible; there are not enough investors to influence market prices; and investors have unlimited access to borrowing and lending money at the risk-free interest rate. However, reality proves that the market includes irrational and risk-seeking investors, there are large market participants who could influence market prices, and there are investors who do not have unlimited access to borrowing and lending money.

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