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Panic! At The Disco - Say It Ain't So (Weezer Cover) [Live @ SiriusXM]

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Say It Ain't So

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Blue Collar Boys Luke Combs. The chords are all the same, but they are played a little differently. There is also an additional riff that is played after verse. The riff is exactly like the intro, but ends differently. Here are the tabs. Were gonna start off with the chord shape from shape 1. You will play this chord once, but it will be a little different.

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When you strum this chord, do an upstroke and then immediately mute it with your palm. The chord shape from shape 1 is played once, followed shape 2 , which is just a shift in position while still playing the same shape. We then play shape 3 once, which is still the same shape as 2, but moved up one fret. We finish the progression on an open E chord, or shape 4 , which is played three times. In review, you play shape 1 once, shape 2 three times, shape 3 once, and shape 4 three times.

All of these are played with upstrokes and a palm mute in between every upstroke. I like to use the side of my palm to mute, so that my hand can return to the strings in a position where it can play the next upstroke without needing readjustment. After you play the progression four times, you're going to go back to the intro and play the first riff once, but with an additional riff at the end. This riff is played pretty quickly, so make sure to practice it so that you can play it to the right tempo.

After that long and tedious riff, play the verse three more times and then you're ready for the chorus. Be sure to pay attention to how long certain notes are held and what notes are only played for a short second. Finally, we made it to the chorus. If you've stuck around this far, I congratualate you.

Say It Ain't So

The chorus is perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this song, and probably the reason you are here. The chorus is the exact same chords as the verse, minus a few notes, and played differently. Again, there is an additional riff that is similar to the intro and played after the chorus is played four times. The chorus starts off with chord shape 1 , but instead of barring the entire 4th fret, you are only barring an E4 and A4, while the other notes remain the same. Play this shape twice and then move on to shape 2. You move everything down one string so that you are now playing shape 2 , which is also played twice.

Move the chord shape up one fret so that it looks like shape 3. Play shape 3 twice and then return to the open E chord, or shape 4 , which is played three times. The chorus is played four times. After the chorus is played, return to playing the intro riff, but note that it is different. This riff is played very quickly, so try to play it as fast as you can, leaving little to no gaps in between the notes. Again, listen closely to the original song in order to really perfect the timing of each note. After playing the Verse four more time following the Chorus 1, you go back to playing the chorus again, but with a slight twist.

The additional bends need to be played fairly quickly and a bent a half step. The second chorus is very much like the first chorus, but with a few added bends. The bends are pulled a half step, as well as played twice. You only need to pluck the G7 once, and then bend up, release, and then bend up again and release. These bends have to be done quickly in order to sound good and fit the timing of the song.

The order of the chords are shape 1 , G7 brb, shape 2 , G7 brb, shape 3 , and then shape 4. The second chorus is played three times before the song plays the regular chorus without the bends, and plays on every beat. This chorus is only played once. The bridge comes in after the chorus 2, the one without the bends. The bridge itself isn't difficult at all, and is fairly straight forward.

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The bridge is exactly what it looks like. The progression goes from Shape 1 , Shape 2 , Shape 3 , and Shape 4 , but there are a few palm mutes in between some of the chords. After hitting a chord twice, palm mute before hitting it for the third time and then switching to the next chord. This goes for all the chords. So play Shape 1 twice, palm mute, play Shape 1 once, play Shape 2 twice, palm mute, play Shape 2 once, play Shape 3 twice, palm mute, play Shape 3 once, etc.

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On the fourth time through the Bridge, you're going to play Shape 4 eight times before moving on to the Pre solo. The Pre solo is only played once by the lead guitar before being handed over to the rhythm guitar. Notice that is the same chords as the chorus 1, but it is played similar to the verse. The first chord is played once, the second is played three times, the third is played once, and the fourth is played three times. However, there are no palm mutes between chords in the pre solo.

The solo riff can get a little bit technical and is played relatively fast, so work on your speed, but dont sacrifice your accuracy for it. Since the solo is only played on the G, B and high E strings, I will leave out the other strings in order to save some room. Since the solo is played between two guitars, it wont sound exaclty like the song, but you can still hear each individual part within the solo.

After the solo, play all of the chorus 2, and then one progression of the Intro Riff instead of two. Congratulations on finishing the song.