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Emily, for me, was much more of a mystery.

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I knew she was important but at times it seemed like she was just there as bridge between Abby and the Order. The action was incredible, the fight scenes pretty spectacular, and the villains terrible especially the ones that were supposed to be good.

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I also like the originality of the idea of a pure vampire compared to the "mutant" vampires. But the explanations were very confusing and took a little away for me. I still feel a little lost and hope it gets cleared up better in the second book. The end is sorta of a cliff hanger which helped make up for the lacking I felt in other areas of the book.

It took a long time to get where we needed to be, but once we were there, the story was incredibly good. All in all, Ordained is an enjoyable read. I look forward to continuing the journey in Book 2 and I hope to see Abby, Noel, and Emily grow in their personal lives. I gave it 3 hearts because I liked it. Ordained certainly keeps you on your toes! It is a very fast paced and exciting read.

The whole time I was reading it, I found myself saying "wait, what just happened? New layers keep getting peeled back and new secrets are constantly being revealed. I loved that about the book!

Friday Freebie #35 Ordained (The Immortal Archives #1) by Devon Ashley

I was never bored, and I never caught my eyes skipping ahead a few lines. I admit it, sometimes I do that during slow parts of books The interesting, or maybe strange, thing about this book was that there was no stand-out character for me. I really liked them all. I found Abby's inner conflict between her two "sides" to be fascinating, and all the other characters were interesting enough. But this wasn't a character driven book for me.

It was much more storyline focused. And I loved that about Ordained. Ordained took a TON of paranormal and supernatural elements and incorporated them all in a very unique way. I loved Devon Ashley's take on good vs. I think that was my favorite "layer" of the story. I can't wait to see how that is going to play out in the next book. I thoroughly enjoyed Ordained. See all 34 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on March 3, Published on October 17, Published on July 23, Published on July 19, Published on April 29, Published on November 13, Published on November 4, Published on October 9, Published on June 29, Published on February 2, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Darby and Mira followed. Makes me do crazy things. Abby turned to leave.

Ordained (The Immortal Archives, #1) by Devon Ashley

Emily passed the drink to Mira and followed. Mira did the same to Darby. She turned to unload the drink but there was no one left. She shrugged what the hell and downed the drink. The sky began to thicken with snowflakes once more.

Hiking back up the mountain was no easy feat. Abby tried her best to keep them from sliding back down. They were not making it easy for her, constantly giggling, slipping and falling.

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But these two licked the barrel clean. The hunters stood as quiet as they possible could. Also, the author needs to check a calender the first day of spring is March 20 not the 21st. Rating: 4. The only thing is, the Order never warned any of the hunters of their fate nor taught them how to defend themselves against anything other than vampires.

So when Emily Davis survives the demon, they think that she's their only hope of fighting off another demon Morphus that is headed their way despite the fact that Emily doesn't carry the mark of the ordained huntress on her body. Emily met Abby Sorrensten on her 25th birthday when she was fighting off Eraticus. Abby helped her, which is why she survived.

Abby is a huntress who was turned into a vampire by her guardian, Noel. However, Noel and Abby are pure blood vampires, not the mutated versions that the Order trains hunters to kill. Still, the Order is not aware that Noel and Abby are vampires.

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Although they are fearful of having Abby around because of what happened when she was originally being trained as a huntress, the Order calls her and Noel in to help with the Morphus situation. During Abby's time at the school, she basically had no family, and because of that, the Order figured they could push her farther than any of the other hunters. She was basically tortured for 13 years. Forced to fight while broken and bruised. I tell you, when I initially read this book -- I read it twice -- I had tears in my eyes while reading about what Nathaniel, her advisor, did to her when she was 6 years old.

Of course, that continued throughout her years at the school. I really, really enjoyed Ordained. It was well written, intense, exciting and I really liked the characters. There were some sarcastic, funny comments that I loved. I actually wished that there had been more of that but it was mainly used to lighten the mood from time to time.

And although the book isn't a romance, there is a tad bit of romance in it between Noel and Abby which I liked. There were some heartbreaking moments too. Besides Emily and Abby's friendship, I rather liked the friendship that developed between Abby and Valerie, another huntress at the school who is clairvoyant. Despite Abby not making friends easily, there is a sort of bond between them. They are alike in some ways. The only issue that I had with the book was that on occasion I would go from one paragraph to the next and it would be a separate scenario.

A different time or place or person's story with no obvious break. So the flow was off for me in those cases, but it didn't happen often. Otherwise, the story flowed well.

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I'm really glad that I signed up to participate in this blog tour for Ordained because otherwise, I might not have gotten around to reading it as soon as I have. There is so much to learn about Abby Sorrensten throughout the book.