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A big glass of cold water straight after getting up will wake you up quicker than anything else. I then do an in-bed stretching routine I found on The Art of Manliness a few years ago. After that, I bend down to touch my toes for five deep breaths and then reach up to the ceiling for another five breaths. I follow that up with twenty resistance band shoulder dislocations.

I then do the Wim Hof Method. Weighted vests are a great way to make your walk an even more effective cardio workout without your even noticing. Because the weight is pretty evenly distributed, you barely notice a difference in difficulty while getting the added bonus over your standard walks. Also, getting dressed signals that I need to stop being a big layabout and triggers me to take action.

The simple act of getting out of my cute little jim jams makes me want to kickstart the day with a bang, which helps me to take action a lot easier. When I return home, I inhale some essential oils diluted in a bowl of boiling water. This is like my own personal face sauna. I put a few drops of peppermint oil in a bowl, pour a load of boiling water into it, and cover my head and the bowl with a towel.

My Days with Father Clancy: And the Shining Village on the Hill

Then I take about twenty deep breaths and get the good stuff flowing through my sinuses. I feel like this really wakes me up and relaxes me at the same time. I then take an ice bath. This clears the cobwebs off just in case everything else fails. I try to do about fifty deep breaths while in there, which helps me to not freak out at the cold. When I have a deadline, I find that the early-morning hours before emails start to roll in are my most effective writing hours. She would get her work done before anyone in the house was awake.

So, I get up.

I let the dog out, make the coffee, let the dog back in, feed him, and then sit down at my computer and type. After two hours, I try to exercise, which usually means heading out for a run or hopping on my Peloton. Every morning, my alarm goes off between and am.

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I wake up early because I see my first client at am. I need this time to get myself alert and active, and I have to factor in my commute. I check my phone for any important communications that may alter the course of my day and plan accordingly. I then proceed to shower and dress with minimal distraction avoiding social media, the news, and other things that could slow down my morning , before heading out of the house to my first client.

I try to wake up between and am. I set my alarm for am, but sometimes I end up hitting snooze several times. Those first few minutes are brutal. Then I immediately check messages, all of my social media accounts, and a few news sites.

I do this to wake myself up. I stand at the counter and scroll for about fifteen minutes. Then I really get started. I make a double shot of espresso and down it like medicine. I go back upstairs and get dressed in my gym clothes, brush my teeth and hair—the whole routine. I grab my gym bag, kiss my husband, peek in on the kids, and go back downstairs. I roll out my yoga mat and do about ten minutes of stretching.

I read somewhere that physical movement prepares the mind for meditation. After stretching I sit on the couch and spend a few minutes reading a spiritual text. Then I do some journaling. I pray and then meditate for about ten minutes. I use mala beads and go all the way around once.

my days with father clancy and the shining village on the hill Manual

Then I grab my gym bag and head out to a class—either yoga, spin, or bootcamp. After class I have a protein shake, shower, and then start tackling the list of intentions I made that morning. I usually wake up around am and begin my run by or so, while waiting for the gym to open at After an hour of running, I go inside my gym where I do some body-weight strength work—usually pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. I walk downstairs, sit at my kitchen barstools, and dive into the first two tasks on my to-do list.

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On the way to the office a three-minute commute , I grab a grande iced coffee and call my best friend who lives in Oklahoma for a quick really quick catch-up. New year, new ritual, amiright? I usually gauge what time I go to bed by what time I need to be up. I value sleep, but I also value getting my work done. As a new entrepreneur, I am fine-tuning that balance every day. I typically start my morning anywhere between am with a meditation. I prefer guided meditations through Insight Timer , but even sitting in silence focusing on your breathing is a great way to clear your mind and set the path you want to take for the day.

After meditating, I come upstairs to make my favorite morning coffee using a collagen-and-superfood creamer. Then I take my pup to the park to run it out. I end my morning ritual by journaling and jotting down five things I am grateful for. I think it is incredibly important to have goals and visions of the future we want to build, but we must also give thanks for the amazing things we have built thus far. My morning routine lasts about forty-five minutes total. I usually aim to finish around am, so I can hit the ground running and start the day productively.

I wake up at am naturally—the Ayurvedic teachings say to wake up around one and a half hours before sunrise. Once I wake up, I spend five minutes or so daydreaming in bed and breathing to acclimate before I touch my phone. Then, I take fifteen minutes to wash up, brush my teeth, etc.

I then do forty-five minutes of yoga, listening to chants and mantras or a mixture of Russian and Tibetan body movement, followed by thirty minutes of advanced pranayama breathing.

Next, I practice meditation for minutes and sometimes for an hour on the weekend. Then I shower and sit with my wife and children while they have breakfast. This is a curse, not a blessing. After I wake up, I usually try to doze or listen to podcasts for a bit. I get out of bed between and am, put in my contacts, wash my face, and then start making coffee.

While the water is heating, I take three vitamins. National Affairs Findings is a daily round up of abstracts from academic papers focused on a theme crime, gender, housing, etc. I highly recommend it. This helps me figure out how to structure the rest of my day. Around am, I go to the gym. You have to go the gym before your brain has a chance to convince you not to go to the gym.

I wake up at am Monday through Friday. I get up, weigh myself on the Fitbit Aria scale, make my bed well, pull the covers up , and throw on my gym clothes to exercise. I get home from exercising just after am. I light some incense and run the bath. I always have a bath in the morning and a shower at night. I adore having morning baths. I live in a condo and my bathroom has floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the street, so I love having a look at people as they walk by, imagining their lives, and giving them a silent cheer.