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It might just be my favourite bside of all time. Best part of the song - Momo's pre-chorus I literally almost jizzed got goosebumps when I first heard Momo's pre-chorus. And the music suddenly stops and all u hear are the percussions. On top of that, Momo's voice fits this perfectly.

She owns this part. Its like how no one else but Sana can do "Sollenda me likey". Second best part of the song - Sana's second verse As usual, Sana does the catchphrases. And as usual, she completely kills it. I might be biased but her "saneuroga" is really damn cute. Even jeongyeon mentioned in an interview that that was her favourite part. Overall, its a really dynamic song with great rap lines, verses, chorus and pre-chorus.


I like that it has a similar feel to yes or yes, where twice seems to be becoming less cutesy? They both seem to possess some pop-rock elements and emphasize more on brightness and liveliness.

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Can you link to the jeongyeon interview if you remember where it was? This chorus is so catchy, it's probably my most listened to song on the album.

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Idk how to express how or why I love this song so much but I just do. It's easily in my top 5 b-sides of all time.

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Everyday worries, only worries My head tattoo is not erased. Tell me? Oh oh oh oh oh I can not wait till when You look exactly the same. Come on, let it go.

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Now a word on the tip of the tongue I have only you in my heart I want to hear it. Do not hesitate.

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Before I change my mind Let's just be honest. Oh baby, you got something I want a lot I got something you need You need, you need, feel Oh say you love me You got something I want I got something you need Speak honestly. Say you love me Today come and see now opportunity catch Talk to me now.

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