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An emblematic passage from Part I, in which Don Quixote and Sancho discuss the difference between military and literary affairs, allows for a comparison of approaches. His future is in doubt.

For, although no danger strikes terror in my bosom, I do fear the powder and lead may deprive me of the opportunity to make myself famous and renowned, by the might of my arm and the edge of my sword, throughout the whole of the known world. But let heaven do what it pleases He struggled with difficult proverbs and sometimes stilted dialogue.

Raffel places Cervantes in the Renaissance tradition, highlighting his anti-religious debt, buried throughout the novel, to Erasmus of Rotterdam. His version seems more tortured than the others. Rutherford is fixated on asymmetries: He presents a book at once serious and humorous, a knight idealistic but also realistic. His attempt is to simultaneously modernize the novel and keep it old.

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This is significant because, at 58, already a seasoned if mediocre author, Cervantes was a product of the Spanish Golden Age, a period of colonialism, financial bankruptcy and military disasters known for its ornate, labyrinthine frame of mind. She has demonstrated her skill before in translating the work of Julian Rios, a Joycean stepchild in the Iberian Peninsula recognized for his obtuseness. Her implicit argument is that when Cervantes wrote his novel, the Spanish he used was neither archaic nor quaint.

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Instead, he wrote freshly, with an updated verbal reservoir. He was modern before modernity even arrived.

When I was younger I had a wild spell and I could have easily ended up in a lot of trouble, luckily I was able to change my path so I know that some people just want to party for the sake of having a party, and for other people it is hiding more fundamental issues. Now I want to give back and help other people who might need me. I liked the feeling of being able to do something practical and helping people. It's important to not be judgmental isn't it, because that's not helping at all.

JS: Yes, absolutely, you cannot judge someone or tell them they've done something wrong. When you are helping them get home or whatever it is they need from you you've got to focus entirely on that. VM: Last year when we met you told me that you were looking for a golf buggy or something you could use for transportation. Did you manage to get your wish? SC: Not exactly, but we have got a car that we are able to use.

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Ideally though what we would like is a Kangoo type of van where the doors slide back, it would make it much easier to help people in and out of the vehicle. We've taken people home, and even taken them to Son Espases for treatment. VM: So if any of the readers wanted to donate a Kangoo then they should get in touch! Is it still the case that the Street Angels are looking for volunteers? SC: Yes we are, we are always open to more people joining us and being on patrol. You don't have to be a Christian, but you do have to be in agreement with our principals or it won't work. We've currently got a team of nineteen people working this year.

Between Street Angels and the other Christian based groups working Magaluf there is some sort of presence there every night which is great progress and we know we are helping to make a difference to these young people on holiday. You can contact Cameron on You can see more on www. Por: Angus McNeice 04 de julio de After the Netherlands and Belgium, the country was the third on Earth to make gay marriage legal back in , and Spain recently took first place in a poll that studied acceptance of homosexuals in 39 countries. The organization is recognized as the driving force behind the controversial and pioneering anti-homophobia law — which enforces large fines and places the burden of proof on the defendant — that passed the Catalan Parliament last year.

Referencing nationwide statistics for , the Interior Ministry says the LGBT community is the minority most targeted by perpetrators of hate crimes. Forty percent of all hate crimes reported in were motivated by sexual orientation, whereas 37 percent that year were due to racial hatred.

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Contrast this with figures from England and Wales for , where 84 percent of hate crimes were motivated by race and 10 percent sexual orientation, and numbers from the U. To be clear, there are no winners here how would you like your country, more racist or more homophobic?

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He says that many victims do not know that crimes committed against them fall under the protection of this law. Knowledge of laws, support networks and procedures appear essential to this issue. A survey of the LGBT community in Spain conducted in found that almost half of respondents had suffered some kind of homophobic abuse at one time, though only 18 percent had felt moved to report the event, with a third saying they thought such a report would prove useless. During the ensuing investigation, it became apparent the school had not been informed that Catalonia had passed an anti-homophobia law.

He has no plans to rein in the fight, however, while the standard model of binary gender identity remains deeply ingrained in Spanish society. Blogs de Sociedad Ir a sociedad.

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Authors Bloggers. You can find him on twitter chrisjfinnigan Ben Cardew is a freelance journalist, translator and teacher, now resident in Barcelona after growing up gracefully in Scotland via Norwich. You can find him on Twitter bencardew Fiona Flores Watson is a freelance journalist, guide and translator who has lived in Seville since , and has been a writer and editor for more than 20 years. JuliePybus Paul Louis Archer is a freelance photographer, multimedia storyteller and artist educator.

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Spanish rural idyll not such a paradise for dogs Por: Mary Biles 27 de julio de Andalusian rural heaven. Paloma in chains. Dead mastiff puppies.

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