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When Drinky Crow's girlfriend dies horribly, he decides to convert his grief into money at a marine theme park that specializes in sex, violence, and meta-humor. Drinky Crow's old girlfriend comes back into his life but is only interested in sex and slavery. Uncle Gabby gives Drinky Crow a hernia, and feels guilt for the first time in his life, so he orders an immense Monkey God from the internet. Drinky Crow befriends a hideous freak with Proteus syndrome on a suicide hotline, and Uncle Gabby resolves to steal him away for himself.

The sleazy Maakies bar becomes gentrified and Drinky Crow is inspired to commit many horrible and gruesome murders. Copious violence and slutty college girls abound! Drinky Crow must solve two mysteries--where are the ship's rats coming from and where is the French spy DeBoursay hiding her atomic reactor?

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The two solutions are as surprising as they are disgusting. That means I usually start drawing it around 10, so that gives me like five hours to do it. Now I have to hang out with them online or on the telephone because I have a family, two little girls, and I live in a house up in Pasadena.

Any joke! Get me one! So I might have to go under a different name when I go for those serious kids books. There was a problem with that. It was directly from John Ashcroft. It was the attorney general.

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Ha ha ha! I made it all up.

It was a complete, pure publicity stunt. And I do some of the most obscene stuff.

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This is in weeklies that any kid can pick up. Nobody ever gives me a hard time. I am, therefore you did. Put that on the bottom strip. Staten Island has got a big dump way down on the end of it, so the whole sky was filled with crows. This is a sign!

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I have a lot of stuff planned. So far, most Hollywood set-ups end up fizzling and turning to nothing, which is the way it stands now. Eventually, maybe it will happen.

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And you know what? Coury Turczyn is a concerned consumer of popular culture.

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Got an interesting story idea or an amazing financial opportunity to share? Contact him at coury popcultmag. As obedient media consumers, we have been trained to accept a flawless depiction of beauty as the standard of the fashion industry. In an era when streaming media has made every piece of old celluloid new again, it may finally be time for the art of slapstick to make a comeback.

Not so much about celebrities, entertainment news, or those despicable slide shows that never deliver on their clickbait headlines.

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Man, I hate those. Coury Turczyn. Add comment. Did you read a lot of comics from that era? What were some of the particular comic strips that grabbed you? What do you think of contemporary Sunday comics?

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How did you eventually become a comic strip artist yourself? Uncle Gabby and Mr. Crow by Tony Millionaire So you really just fell into the comics business? Did you ever have to convince editors that Maakies was something worthwhile or did they just pick up on it?

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How long does it take you draw such detailed strips? Does it ever feel like a job? Now that you live in Los Angeles, do you still hang out with funny friends for ideas? Have people ever misconstrued the strip as something for kids? There was a major online fuss about the attorney general forcing you to censor your language.