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In a rare but not totally atypical variation on the typical TI narrative, Baton Rouge shooter Gavin Long understood systematic police abuse against African Americans as the most common instance of gangstalking. More commonly, the gangstalking narrative converges with far-right anti-government rhetoric. This raises further problems for categorizing TI communities as a collective delusion. And in a moment when the U. Call it the paranoization of reality.

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Though TIs are stigmatized for their distance from the shared reality of the majority, TI narratives actually recycle prevalent cultural material, serving up a blend of recognizable genres especially self-help and political ideologies especially anti-government libertarianism. Their paranoia differs from that of the larger culture they inhabit mainly in intensity and hardly at all in basic content. Here the real significance of the TI phenomenon comes into view.

If the collective imagination has not caught up with the evolving and increasingly complex modes of targeting, surveillance, and control, TIs are no exception. That TIs have self-sorted into a global, public online network illustrates this risk. Perhaps, for TIs and for the rest of us, there is a solace in the old model of surveillance.

Charlie Robinson has no delusions playing Willy Loman - Los Angeles Times

It also seems reasonable to speculate that TIs find a paradoxical agency in believing they are singled out. In any case, individualizing the very real but increasingly unimaginable phenomena of tracking and control can offer a way to cope with problems that are not really addressable at the level of individual behavior. But the attendant risk is a failure to perceive the real workings of influencing machines all around us — ones that do not look like anything out of MKUltra. Those who, like Matthews, Krauss, and Schreber in their time, feel that power today most acutely and oppressively now have access to ready-made references and theories and no longer need to develop idiosyncratic visions from whole cloth.

Yet this pushes them to the same imaginative impasses that stymie the larger culture. They are paranoid, but not precisely sure what to be paranoid about. Just like the rest of us. Real Life. Real Life Search Contributors Dispatches. Share Twitter Facebook Email.


Some models of social media "addiction" assume users are somehow blinded to the causes and consequences of their behavior. Digital wellness seems a reasonable way to help individuals take agency over their device usage and restore "balance" to their lives.

But it draws on a longstanding approach of dividing the world of practices — and people — into those which are properly "human" and those which are not. The utopian aim of healing people's relationship to technology faces the same problems that all utopian thinking confronts: it universalizes a certain set of problems as the only ones that matter and disqualifies people from the utopia in the process of solving them.

New Haunts David A. Banks Candy Crush Madeline Leung Coleman When Planters discontinued making Cheez Balls, an internet campaign to "save them" seemed to bring the snack back. Influencing Machines If a paranoid delusion becomes the basis for a shared worldview, it ceases to be a delusion. Norimono Zukan was probably Agata Morio's most rumored about recording, partly due to the fact that Vanity Records birthed this baby and partly due to the fellow sub-cultural scenesters to participate on the disc such as Phew who had just embarked on her Aunt Sally adventure , SAB and Chie Mukai amongst others.

Unlike his early oeuvre he brooded out at the beginning of the seventies, characterized by his loner-acid-folk infested stance, his fondness for delicately balanced atmospheres revitalizing sentiments of long gone eras and evaporated traditional values, Agata sets out here on a totally different voyage. The times they were a changing and especially for Agata who began to embrace the glitching kitsch aesthetic of the burgeoning eighties by throwing himself head over heels into the realms of techno pop and synth-driven new wave. Especially appealing on this recording are the psyched-up choruses of ecstatic female vocals that underscore Agata's songwriting abilities, beefing it up with enough unrelenting teenage virility and unbridled sex appeal to elevate even the most limpid of body parts.

Brilliant all way round and original Vanity press copies are hideously scarce these days, just impossible to unearth. First time I have an original copy to offer, so do not think twice it is all right…Price: Euro. Top copy, hard to find in such great shape, especially for the jacket.

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Original German swirl copy of this psychy ethnic tinted krautrock masterpiece, the best Agitation Free disc in my book. The album was recorded in not long after the band was sent on a tour of the Middle East by the Goethe Institute, and incorporates field recordings from their trip: the bustle of Cairo streets, desert winds, calls to prayer, friendly airline pilots So recommended and so far out. I do believe they do not come cleaner or better than this copy here, top shelf condition. I have never seen such a pristine copy as this one here Classic German Krautrock masterpiece that was released in As opposed to Malesch, Second shows some slight change in direction for the band.

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It becomes readily apparent on the first track that the band's sound is slightly jazzier and the melodies are a little tighter and stronger. The guitar duels between Ulbrich and Diez are utterly gorgeous, and the melodies absolutely shimmer throughout the album. In all a fundamental Krautrock genre piece. Top copy, getting scarce on the ground clean originals.

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Original first original pressing. The Chicago trio Air was at a high point on this date, thanks in part to remarkable percussive foundations provided by the late Steve McCall and his interaction with bassist Fred Hopkins, plus the amazing solos and versatility of nominal leader Henry Threadgill.

Besides alto and tenor sax, flute, and bass flute, Threadgill plays his own unique instrument called the hubkaphone and makes it just as memorable a weapon as the other horns. Price: 40 Euro. Needs no explanation I guess, just stellar deranged DIY pre-punk psychedelic Dadaism and blitzkrieg bopping avant-garde lunacies.

Tyakrah - Wintergedanken (2017) [Full Album]

LAFMS related material is bloody hard to get your fingers on and especially the singles the collective churned out in hideously tiny runs are almost impossible to locate. This item is just stunning condition and comes in a nice paste-on jacket that can serve as a sleaze DIY vintage art to laminate your lonely bedroom fantasies. Highest recommendation and I doubt another copy will cross your path again within many moons. Best copy to ever cross my eyes and one of the key recordings to document the seeding early s Japan seedy underground scene. All complete with insert and the always-elusive Zyklon B insert package which is still sealed!!!

Never saw a sealed one before. Much rumored about and rarely offered up for sale since this sucker so bloody rare due to the fact that most copies are safely tucked away in private collections and the ultra limited press of the record. Stellar music, uncompromising and far out. All time highest recommendation and getting almost impossible to find. I doubt another copy will cross your path any time soon…. Especially in such an eye-watering beautiful TOP condition. Getting scarcer with every breath you take, has been ages since I had a copy, especially with all present.

Hopelessly rare Japanese first original pressing in top condition and with insert and obi complete. Has been over a decade since I last saw an all complete copy! More intense and "experimental" than the first one, this album's music contains complex, completely written sections as well as totally improvised hardcore ambient pieces, not to mention drum machines, bassoons, sampling before samplers existed, Bulgarian, Pygmy, Polynesian and Delta Blues voices, tango, a Turkish tune, crypto-punk or pseudo-Varese music Even the most ambitious moments of " Original Japanese pressing from in absolutely top condition and seriously a tough one to dig up all complete!!!.

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  • Charlie Robinson has no delusions playing Willy Loman - Los Angeles Times.
  • Charlie Robinson has no delusions playing Willy Loman - Los Angeles Times?
  • Ultra rare and obscure spaced out avant-psych collage album by this French painter. Voices slowed down and speeded up, lethargic cries of lonely autistic children, mating whale sounds and aquatic bubbles cross-pollinate at the same time with tribal rhythms and shamanistic skeletal undercurrents of waves breaking on the rocks. The end result is a seriously austere vision of sheet metal avant-garde music with a lysergic animistic edge. Electronic cut-ups of various sound sources keep on blurring the line between Industrial, psychedelia, avant-garde, electronic music and primitive collage techniques all blessed with the panache of the early Silver Philips and LAFMS sides.

    Totally amazing!!! One of the best discs I heard lately. This one is a free jazz blast. Original Japan vinyl pressing from November and sounding so much better than the French pressings of that day, it will wrap your ears around your head in pure delight. For this flash of free form heaviness bolstered up in a ravaging whirlwind of maniac fury, Alan Silva collected many of the top free jazz players of the day and he let them reign free as they pleased. For this recording of Alan Silva's Paris session with a group of legendary free jazz players including Grachan Moncur III, Archie Shepp, Anthony Braxton, Dave Burrell, Leroy Jenkins, and Malachi Favors amongst others, Silva brought together many of the top free jazz players of the time in an amazing piece ensemble and set them free, making this is a very free record and a historical document of Pan-African music.

    Probably one of the all-time most arresting listening experiences of free jazz ever to be put down on wax, players act out as engaged in trench warfare, leaping into violent fits of madness and blowing out deep subterranean apocalyptic waves of sound that constantly hurtle in and out of focus. This is the fast lane folks…and some of us like it here.

    So one word of advice, blast this monster at full volume, get loaded on tasty narcotics and then snarl around looking for somebody to chain-whip. Top-notch copy and original French pressing of this all time great slab of fire music. One of the — if not THE — hardest to track down title in the Actuel series and the sole 3 LP set to see the light on the label. For much of its extraordinary length, it is a billowing surge of noise, so loud, so chaotic, so exhilarating that you are swept up in it without hope of rescue or reprieve. These three give a hint as to the real audience for Silva's work.