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Hawkeye leads the survivors to an island cave.

After a fight, the Indians capture the girls and Heyward. Hawkeye has gone for help. Hawkeye and the Mohicans helped by Gamut rescue the group and barely get them to the fort. Hawkeye and the Mohicans are captured, tortured, and saved by Montcalm. The final scene at a waterfall has Uncas jumping down and missing Magua who kills him; another Indian stabs Cora; Magua kills him and fights Chingachgook.

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Magua is thrown down the waterfall. Cora and Uncas are buried, and Hawkeye proclaims his friendship to Chingachgook. They depart together. Conway, producer: Robert Stambler, teleplay: Stephen Lord.

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Webb, with Dehl Berti, John G. Heyward escort Cora and Alice to their father. Magua and his Huron warriors are the determents. The group is captured and saved. There are long fight scenes and a chase on the lake. At Tamenund's village Cora is given to Magua who takes her to a high promontory.

The rescuers arrive. Chingachgook kills Magua in hand-to-hand combat after Uncas, sacrificing himself to save Cora, is shot by Magua. There are no scenes of the surrender at the fort nor of the massacre; Cora is permitted to live, but David Gamut is killed. Full length cartoon, Hanna-Barbera Studio, , ; 1 videocassette 49 min. Synopsis: Story line has Magua leading the girls and Heyward. They meet Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachgook on the trail. Uncas chases Magua away. They leave the horses and enter canoes.

Stopping at an island for the night, they stay in a cave. Chingachgook gives Alice his necklace. Hawkeye and Uncas swim for help. Alice has a little dog Pip which yips, and they are captured. Hawkeye and Uncas to the rescue. Chingachgook and Magua plunge over a cliff. Arriving at the fort they find it burned and empty. That night Uncas and the two girls are captured. Uncas and Alice are saved from the stake by the necklace Alice is wearing. Hawkeye returns to the woods.

Uncas, the last of the Mohicans, leaves to find other Mohicans and build a tribe. Alice and Pip run after him, and they all ride off together. Synopsis: Story line has Chingachgook and Uncas surrounded by Hurons. His father is killed, but Uncas is saved by Hawkeye. Magua leads Heyward and the girls; they rest for the night; Hawkeye catches Heyward off guard; tell the truth about Magua. Next day they set off; Hawkeye scouting ahead; party is captured again; Hawkeye saves party.

Raft takes them to cave; Hawkeye and Uncas go for help; party is captured; Uncas asks Tamenund for help; they capture Magua and prisoners; Magua slips away and they get to the fort. Washington wants to surrender and fight another day and Munro agrees. The women leave and are captured.

Uncas and Hawkeye are captured; all are to be burned at the stake. Tamenund arrives; Magua and Uncas fight high on a cliff; Magua fall to his death. Montcalm's troops save them. Tamenund admonishes Uncas and Hawkeye to work for peace between peoples.

Screenplay by M. Munro, Patrice Chereau as Gen. Beams, Colm Meaney as Maj. Ambrose, Mac Andrews as Gen. Curtis Gaston as 1st Soldier, Eric A. An ambush leaves the trio unprotected and Hawkeye, his adopted father and brother lead them to the Fort. Hawkeye and Maj. Heyward love Cora, and Uncas loves Alice. After the fall of the Fort and the massacre comes the chase and capture. At the Indian encampment, Heyward offers his life for the girls [preempting Hawkeye's offer], and Magua leaves with Alice.

Hawkeye shoots the screaming Heyward as he is being burned to death. There is an action packed finale on a majestic ridge where Alice commits suicide rather than be with Magua; Uncas tries to avenge her death, but is killed by Magua; and Chingachgook revenges his son by killing Magua. James Fenimore Cooper did not predict that his book would become a classic, but time has proven its endurance. Michael Mann's expressed great confidence in his film when he commented, "It's going to be a classic.


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To date reviews of the film have not yet bestowed classic status upon the forty million dollar plus movie version. The largest movie set ever built east of the Mississippi was the six million dollar reconstruction of Fort William Henry. On a bluff overlooking Lake James, between Marion and Morganton North Carolina, the , square foot fort was a virtual museum of frontier America. Medicine jars of the period, blackened cooking pots, and stacked muskets attested to the attention paid to historical accuracy.

Most of the props: handmade uniforms and shoes, birchbark canoes, and woven baskets were made by local craftspeople. Mann felt that Linville Gorge gave him the perfect backdrop for shooting scenes in the wilderness of 18th century New York. The rugged country challenged the construction crews. Moving heavy equipment and hundreds of cast members in the mountains only to be rained out or to have the director change his mind proved to be frustrating and costly.

The company closed out its 6 month filming in the mountains six weeks behind schedule due to heavy rains throughout the summer of By October the budget had exceeded forty million dollars. When the film was completed, the production company was required by law to restore the area. Mann fired his first cinematographer and the costume designer. The hair stylist quit. The film was plagued by nearly a dozen wildcat work stoppages: initially by American Indians Russell Means helped negotiate improved working conditions and exempts Mann from any blame for the problems and then by local extras.

The extras protested poor pay, and wanted better working and living conditions. Director Mann was quoted as saying that laying "dead" on the damp and rocky ground for hours without breaks for multiple retakes was normal on location shooting. Extras outside of Hollywood "don't know what to expect.

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Rather than paying union wages and benefits, local workers had to individually negotiate with the company. The company kept individual contracts secret, and no one knew [unless employees shared with each other] what anyone else was earning. Housing, quality of meals, and transportation also varied with negotiation. Return to Table of Contents 1. Premiere, Vol. Ibid, Vol. Miami Vice in buckskin. Alleva, Richard. Ansen, David. Newsweek, "Mann in the Wilderness," Vol. Arnold, Gary. Times September 20, Mann says. I think it must have been similar to the way the original historical events had left an impression on Cooper, reconstructing them 75 years later.

Madeleine Stowe admits, "There were days when you felt so lost amid or extras, with seven cameras planted all over the place to capture a vast scene. Michael will not roll the cameras until he feels everything is totally right. He's far and away the most exacting director I've ever worked with Wes Studi and Russell Means Studi's Magua The 'bad' Indian has good reasons to be bad. Barker and Sabin, pp. Berger, Arion.