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Then, he amuses himself further by standing over him, emptying the rest of his clip, giggling.


In this they perform a perverse kind of teaching function. In The Sadist , the teachers get taught a lesson. They are, after all, math teachers. Kidd, of course, easily foils this by simply having more clips, and taunts them for their idiocy. Of course, Harry Callahan is supposed to be the Good Guy, fighting the Zodiac-inspired psycho, but Harry seems so crazy to both ordinary citizens and fellow cops, and the psycho is such a pantywaist compared to Kidd, that Harry and Kidd may be playing the same role as Psycho Teachers.

Though it may be doubtful or impossible to determine now if Arch Hall, Jr.

Confessions of a Serial Killer - Exclusive Interview with Samuel Little Confessing His Murders

Otis drags his motel captives out to a similar desert junkyard wasteland and taunts them as they feebly try to resist and escape. You want to see what happens to heroes boy? You want to see bad ass motherfucker! But soda pop, apple pie, and baseball will never be the same. Mainstream Hollywood would not produce films inspired by the pair until a decade after this one.

The eponymous Agent for H. The MST3k kids find this absolutely hilarious. I experienced this myself when visiting Fire Island; there were no locks, and people would not just walk into the front room, but walk all the way through the house until they found someone to visit with. Apple pie and all that jazz? According to Wikpedia, the film is a favorite of Joe Dante, who owns the 35mm print used for DVDs, and also directed a segment of the Twilight Zone movie.

Who appeared briefly in Eegah! I actually rather like the cinematography of Eegah!

The Boy General George Armstrong Custer

As he would next year in Incredibly Strange. Even better: Arch Sr. Now a fiend prowling the wastelands, a prehistoric beast in a nuclear age. Kill, kill just to be killing.


Review at The Bloody Pit of Horror , here. Sadist starts off with some off-screen narration about the definition of a sadist, apparently delivered by Arch Hall Sr. On the other hand, Hall Jr. If its OK to wax nostalgic during such a film, one of the lovely period details is the Coke chest — not machine — that the teachers make for right at the start and which provides delicious icy cold bottled refreshment throughout the action.

Perhaps a call-back to Eegah! Louis, Missouri, Hall grew up in South Dakota, a genuine cowboy. That would explain a lot…. I had not considered B horror movies as occult initiations before this, but now I get it. They just do not make them like they used to make them. Why the woman-bashing? A lot more useful than understanding baseball games.

The film Sadist reminds me of Lady in a Cage — thugs tormenting people. Your email is never published nor shared. Comments are moderated. If you don't see your comment, please be patient. If approved, it will appear here soon. Do not post your comment a second time.

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Posted December 3, at am Permalink. Lulu's fury mounted when Britt clutched Ben closer, so Lulu demanded that Britt get her hands off of Lulu's son.

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Nikolas gently explained to his sister that Ben was not her son, but Lulu informed Nikolas that he was wrong. Dante tried to lead Lulu away, but she dug in her heels and explained to her husband that Ben was their son, not Dante's son with Britt. Nearby, Liesl glared at Lulu as Brad looked away with guilt clouding his expression. Britt remained silent as Dante and Nikolas tried to calm Lulu, but Lulu's frustration and anger mounted as Britt continued to hold Ben.

Confused, Nikolas looked to Britt for help, but Britt seemed frozen in shock. Finally, Liesl stepped forward to berate Nikolas for allowing Lulu to make a scene. Liesl decided that Ben shouldn't be subjected Lulu's outburst, so she took the baby from Britt and then started to leave. Dare," Lulu growled as she blocked Liesl's path.

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  • However, everyone agreed that it was best to let Liesl take Ben out of the room. Lulu begged Nikolas to stop Liesl, but Liesl left without anyone else challenging her. Meanwhile, Julian suggested that he and Alexis leave so Nikolas and Britt could handle the situation in private. The rest of the guests followed suit and left, leaving only a handful of people in the room. In the bedroom, Liesl was surprised when she saw Elizabeth and Ric. Liesl demanded to know what the couple was doing there, so Elizabeth turned the question around on Liesl.

    Liesl claimed that she had simply wanted to put her grandson down for a nap, but Elizabeth quickly clarified that Ben was Lulu's child. Liesl suggested that Lulu had hoodwinked Elizabeth, but Elizabeth held up the letter and then informed Liesl that it was Britt's written confession. In the hallway, Ric tried to persuade Elizabeth to fetch Cam and then leave, but Elizabeth refused.

    In the bedroom, Liesl accused Britt of being a "guilt-ridden pantywaist" for confessing. Liesl decided that it was up to Liesl to correct the situation. At the lake house, Alexis received a text message from Molly, informing her mother that Molly and T. Julian smiled as he admitted that Molly had a good sense of humor. Alexis sarcastically agreed that her youngest child was a riot.

    Julian shifted gears by pointing out that they had the place to themselves for a while, so Alexis suggested that he be careful because she might get the impression that he wanted to spend the night. Julian pointed out that they were on a date, but Alexis admitted that she hadn't really noticed because he had vanished for a good portion of the evening. Julian apologized for taking a phone call that he claimed had been important.

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    However, he admitted that he would have left his cell phone at home if he had to do it over because Alexis had deserved better. Alexis confessed that Julian deserved better, as well, and then admitted that she'd had an ulterior motive for asking him to attend the party with her. Alexis claimed that she had been concerned about her daughter, Molly, so Alexis had hoped to find out how far Julian and Ric's association had gone. Julian reminded her that she had asked Ric to help with Julian's legal troubles, but Alexis wasn't satisfied with the answer and asked if Julian had known Ric before she had introduced them.

    Julian resented Alexis suspecting him of blatantly lying to her, but Alexis demanded an answer. She asked him if Ric had been calling the shots against Sonny and if Ric had returned with an agenda to destroy Sonny. Julian moved close to Alexis and quietly whispered, "Go to hell. Julian confessed that he had been relieved when the truth about his identity had been revealed and promised her that he had been honest with her since she had learned who he really was. Julian thought that he and Alexis had had something special, but he realized that he had been nothing more than a means to an end for her.

    Alexis explained that she couldn't put herself out there for a man who had left a trail of violence in his wake, but Julian argued that she had been involved with men like Sonny and Shawn and had engaged in various other dangerous liaisons throughout her life. Alexis insisted that she had changed because she wanted something better for herself. Julian questioned why, if that were true, she was always around him.

    Julian suspected that she pushed him away because she was afraid of her feelings for him, but Alexis stubbornly remained silent until she succumbed to temptation and kissed him.