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Blood Ties: The Continuing Tale of the French Executioner,C.C. Humphreys | eBay

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Marie Antoinette

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The Executioner’s Account of Louis XVI’s Execution

House of Habsburg-Lorraine. Monarchy abolished. Republic declared. Austrian archduchesses by birth.

Archduchess Helena Kunigunde, Duchess of Bavaria. Margaret, Duchess of Savoy. Joachim Krist. Raymond van der Meide Archduchess Maria, Mrs.

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Jaime Corcuerra Archduchess Viridis, Mrs. Anna Maria Luisa, Electress Palatine. Princess Marie Bernadette, Mrs. Princesses of France by marriage. Marie de Bourbon Princess Marguerite of Lorraine. Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria-Este. Dauphines of France.

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