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Daldykan River in Russia's Krasnoyarsk region turns bloody red pic. I dumped a few, a lot, of bodies there.

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Whether the effluent from the factory would affect local ecosystems, however, he says is hard to tell. But that clearly means nothing right now.

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Read these next Air pollution is sending tiny magnetic particles into your brain The type of metal that's travelling up our noses is implicated in Alzheimer's disease. Signout Sign in Create an account. Previous Next Show Grid. Previous Next Hide Grid. By Shami Sivasubramanian.

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The type of metal that's travelling up our noses is implicated in Alzheimer's disease. A company subsidiary denied the pollution was caused by an accident involving the Hope factory, according to the statement. The ministry said it is still working to locate the pollution's source. Area residents on social media and a local indigenous group said they were sure the color was coming from the area's metals plants, noting that it was not the first time they contaminated the region's water.

Investigation ordered as Russian river turns red

A user named Evgeny Belikov, who claimed to have worked at the Hope plant, said that workers referred to a reservoir connected to it as the "red sea" on account of its color, produced by ore runoff. Other users posted older photos seeming to show the reservoir a similar color in an area that has large pipes running into it. Grigory Dukarev of the Association of the Indigenous Peoples of the Taimir Peninsula, which represents native communities in the area, told ABC News that he was preparing to submit a formal complaint to regional authorities asking them to investigate and was traveling to the river to record the pollution.

He said he was previously told that the runoff from the factories was not harmful and would cause minimal ecological damage. But he said he was skeptical. I doubt that. All rights reserved. Interested in Russia Investigation? Russia Investigation. Add Interest. Chinese e-commerce giants report booming Singles Day sales. Missing hiker found dead atop glacier on mountain. Fresh unrest in Iraq kills 4 protesters, wounds dozens more.

River in Russia Mysteriously Turns Blood Red

Australian state declares emergency due to wildfires. Marine deserter sought in fatal shooting of Virginia man.

New York City wrestles with surge of violent police clashes. Jackie Speier on impeachment.

River mysteriously turns blood-red

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