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Juan and the Disappearing Glasses. It's important to note that the bipolar journey doesn't always take this same route. Sometime it can start with an event which stimulates excitement; or it can even be activated as a function of sustained high stress.

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  • A look at the differences between being moody and having a bipolar mood disorder!
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Same with a depressive crash - it can be brought on by a very painful or disappointing event. However, despite the presence of these clear causal connections, most with bipolar disorder will tell you that at some point they've also experienced mood shifts that occur in the absence of any situational precipitant.

I'm thinking of one patient whose mood would radically shift during her previous night's sleep. She would go to bed in mid-range mood and awaken fully hypomanic after not having experienced any mood elevation in the preceding several several months.

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She and others like her often find themselves on the bipolar coaster without purchasing a ticket. Two other salient aspects of the moody vs. If you're not bipolar but having a rough time with moodiness, you'll likely find that your mood intensity is lower than someone with bipolar disorder. Even more relevant than intensity is the issue of mood duration. We all have good days and bad days. Someone who thinks of themselves as "moody" may perceive that they've had more than their share of bad days. But if you're truly bipolar then you've had episodes of fairly acute depression which at some point have lasted two weeks or more.

Additionally, you've seen elevated mood that has lasted a minimum of four days and often longer. What exactly that may be is hard to know without more specific information. If you're wondering what diagnostic categories are most frequently associated with moodiness besides bipolar you should investigate the categories involving personality disorders, particularly the borderline and narcissistic types. If you're unsure, it's worth your while to see a professional about your concerns.

Sometimes the telling symptoms of bipolar disorder can be present at a low level that has not yet reached the threshold of bipolar diagnostic criteria. The problem here, and it's one where the moody vs. Essentially, the full symptom picture is still in the process of emerging. Technically this is referred to as the prodromal phase.

I often like to refer to this as "bipolar brewing.

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And if you're someone who does identify with the moody label, you may wonder - why not just let things take their own course and worry about bipolar disorder if and when it arrives on the scene? Simple - if you are genetically vulnerable to bipolar illness, the future course of your symptoms may be mitigated if you can get help and make necessary adjustments early on. Conversely, bipolar symptoms will usually worsen if ignored. Bipolar disorder doesn't go away simply because we don't want it. If your moodiness is no big deal, if it's just part of what constitutes the evolving colors of your life, then let yourself flow with it.

But if you are concerned about your fluctuating mood intensity and if it's present much more than is acceptable for you, then please speak with someone who knows a lot about the bipolar diagnosis.

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Your mental health is precious. It deserves your close attention. I am a psychotherapist LMFT and work with many bipolar clients. Your contrastive analysis of bipolar versus "moody" provides a clarity that is most helpful. As you indicated, we're just not there yet with a tool to make a more definitive diagnosis. My wish is that , along the way , that the bipolar dx would become less stigmatized.

From my perspective there continues to be so many pts, who are being medicated for diagnoses other than bipoar that actually include an array of symptoms that really fit the bipolar dx. I find that these individuals continue to suffer and even worsen. However, when the possibility of the bipolar dx is considered, people are horrified.

Like when I was 23, a NYC psychiatrist suggested to me that dating and getting intimate with more men would develop my social skills and build a social circle. In other words, she encouraged me to have some hook-ups to "grow up" psychologically and socially.

Are You Bipolar or Just Moody? | Psychology Today

But then when I was in Texas, and I described some hook-ups to a Texas psychiatrist, she saw the same actions as a symptom of the hypersexuality of bipolar disorder. The Texas psychiatrist treated my conversational approaches to treatment as another symptom of bipolar disorder. The different psychiatrists are just predisposed to see pathology anywhere they look even though they are frequently pathologizing another psychiatrist's recommendation.

What does it mean when you follow one psychiatrist's suggestions for behaviorial changes and the next psychiatrist just pathologizes those same behavior changes you just made? I have had numerous experiences of psychiatrists just care about being the "normal authority" and making the patient the "abnormal deviant" without regard to really looking at actual symptoms.

Several times those "symptoms" were just suggestions or ideas conveyed to me by prior psychiatrists but the psychiatrists cannot recognize their own colleagues' ideas in the patient's voice. Of course, all mental illnesses can be advanced by illicit drugs. I believe, we will see, and label, different kinds of psychosis differently. I think, most of the Republican Presidential Candidates should be seen as psychotic. A psychosis without a D. The mentally ill should also be seen as having emotional sensitivity differences.

A kind of ''hyper'' or ''hypo'' emotions. Those with hyper-sensitivity, still have emotional blindspots and interpret reality inaccurately. My Bipolar friend a cutter, and suicidal, in his once psychotic state thinks the Republican candidates are bizarre, and emotionally frightening. It was so funny to hear you call it the 'bipolar coaster'.. Thanks for the content above,well i should say that i can consider myself as a moody person,i guess bipolar is already a mental disorder? Bipolar disorder affects every aspect of life.

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People with bipolar symptoms may be able to function fairly well in spite of mood swings. Being moody is not that bad but you have to control that disorder in order to be easily be friends others. Sleep loss can be caused by a person's physical or mental state. Insomnia can sometimes be a temporary response to stress. I do have insomia but my doctor said that i have to sleep at least 8 hours a day to bring back my original body clock. For various reasons, like social stigma and suspicions on the kind of treatment I might receive, I have not yet consulted with a mental health expert about my "mood swings.

I have been plagued with extremely depressive episodes since I was about 3. I had always been hyperactive but all that changed in high school when I experienced a severe dip: I lost interest in school and in other things that used to hold my interest. Two years later, I was on an optimistic high and continued to do so until the end of my college days. From then, I would constantly swing from happy to really sad to elated to really depressed with or without situational triggers.

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Then I read that BP sufferers might likely have thyroid problems, and this somewhat confirms my suspicion because I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism ten years back. This article, along with other literature I have found online, somehow convinced me to at least have my condition checked. In my experience psychologists are not likely to diagnose Bipolar correctly. I went to several therapists that failed to recognize what was happening. I even suggested to my last therapist that I might be suffering from BP and he immediately brushed it off.

I was finally referred to a psychiatrist by my doctor. After one appointment she was able to correctly diagnose me as BP. I suffered for years because my therapists were too ignorant or arrogant to recognize what was happening. They even advised me to take antidepressants which ended up making my condition far worse than it was to begin with. If you even suspect that you may be suffering from BP you need to immediately see a psychiatrist. Expecting a psychologist to correctly handle more serious psychiatric disorders is like expecting a school nurse to perform open heart surgery.

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