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Constructing the popular : challenges of archiving ugandan ' popular ' music. Arte Popular y Feminismo. Popularity and Debut. This paper focuses on two firms' optimal entry strategies in an emerging market characterized by word-of-mouth effects. Consumers can be of two types depending on which firm's brand they prefer. Firms are asymmetric in their popularity as given by the probability of meeting a fan of its brand.

In this environment firms strategically choose their timing of product introduction knowing that fast introduction is costly. The model shows under what conditions asymmetries in the duopoly should be expected to increase or decrease over time This article presents some reflections about the possibilities and difficulties in the study of religious festivals. It does so by reinterpreting a text written by Robert Hertz, one of the researches of the French School of Sociology. The aim of the article is to stress some of the clues that Hertz opened with his work and to suggest how his insights can be useful for our own analyses about festivals.

Yield, flesh parameters, and proximate and fatty acid composition in muscle tissue of wild and cultured Vieja Colorada Cichlasoma festae in tropical Ecuadorian river. This study was conducted to determine the composition of cultured and wild Cichlasoma festae in Ecuador. The mean slaughter yield and dress-out were similar for cultured and wild specimens and the average fillet fat content for cultured fish was significantly higher compared to the wild fish.

The pH, fillet color, drip loss and coked loss were similar between populations. Significant differences were found in protein, lipid and ash content in both studied populations. There were significant differences in the first six ones. The production system cultured or wild influences significantly most of the analyzed characteristics of carcass and flesh of C. These results provide valued nutritional information of native species to produce sources of food with low-fat and high-protein, and safety food for the consumers in Ecuadorian country.

Resources for Popular Education. Popular education, with its agenda for social change, often lacks access to traditional financial support. Strategies for resource development include volunteers, small proportion of public funding, an umbrella organization to distribute funds, and collaboration with adult educators in mainstream institutions. Altruism and Popularity. Popularity , as a manifestation of social status, has been widely researched and determined by group members.

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Prosocial behaviors are actions with intention of benefiting others or society as whole with little or no personal gain and may include helping, cooperating, and other voluntary works. Altruism is a type of prosocial behavior that could…. O constitucionalismo popular em uma leitura Rawlsiana. Results showed that drinking was higher among popular than unpopular adolescents, higher among popular adolescents surrounded by less popular classmates, and lower in classrooms with more variability in popularity.

Thus, beyond individual popularity , peer group popularity composition also should be taken into account when investigating antisocial and health risk behaviors in adolescence such as drinking.

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Sound as Popular Culture. The wide-ranging texts in this book take as their premise the idea that sound is a subject through which popular culture can be analyzed in an innovative way. Expanding the view taken by many scholars of cultural studies, the contributors consider cultural practices concerning sound not merely as semiotic or signifying processes but as material The chapters discuss conceptual issues as well as terminologies and research methods; analyze historical and contemporary case studies of listening in various sound cultures; and consider Popular Music Policy.

This special issue of Popular Music has its origins in a seminar organised at the University of Stirling in This meeting, one of a series on cultural policy, brought together researchers from a number of European countries who were asked to describe state music policy in their respective countries and to reflect on what differences, if any, such policies had made to recent national music history.

Medios y sectores populares. El Comercio de Quito y el Universo de Guayaquil son los diarios preferidos. Alcohol Consumption. Gommans, Rob; M? Participants were adolescents M age? Results showed that dri We will do so through an analysis of the visual and rhetorical elements planned for the unfolding of the ritual. Using the iconological method, the purpose of this study is to present a work that reports the culture in this city, mainly the ones that have parties as subject.

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Popular Mobilization Messaging. Abbiamo inventato a poco a poco, dal , poi ritualizzato, il nostro modo di fare. Le procedure devono essere le stesse in tutti i gruppi, al fine di garantire la coerenza di questo immenso lavoro. During their settlement of the so-called Old Italian Colonies of Rio Grande do Sul, immigrants constructed a set of positive values that were to serve as an emotional support and a means of outside communication.

When women immigrants embroidered images and sayings on wall hangings or kitchen towels made of rustic fabric, they helped nourish the dream of a better life, sought by all and achieved by some. The objects crafted by these twentieth-century Penelopes bear witness to a way of doing, thinking, and acting. Local museums and exhibits have fostered the recovery of old-time embroidery techniques and themes; sold at open-air markets and regional festivals, these products represent income for women whose age excludes them from the formal labor market.

Research is participator in that we apply the slope of the oral tradition, with interviews and observation as a method that supports interdisciplinarity. With this, we realize that is the historical processes of production. Tourist appropriation of cultural objects.

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DAS performance analysis. Performance measurements which were taken on DAS and the tools used to make them are then described. Despite many music classrooms welcoming popular musics in striving towards an inclusive and democratic education, there has been relatively little research into teachers' decisions regarding which popular musics are included and which are excluded from classroom activities.

This is of particular interest taking into account arguments that the…. Edward Said on Popular Music. Although Edward Said, generally known as one of the founders of postcolonial studies, has written extensively on music, he almost completely ignores popular music. However, the few moments in which he does reflect on popular music are highly revealing.

In this article I provide a comprehensive.

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Rethinking Popular Culture and Media. This anthology includes outstanding articles by elementary and secondary public school teachers, scholars, and activists who…. It was organized by guilds, hospital managements or festival organizers. The actors were grouped in associations representing a parody on the relationships between power structures and popular classes.

Despite the variability depending on the historical period, it consisted of a mixture of episodes or scenes with dance, music and theatre games.

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  7. Any Festivals in Valencia are connected with the Ball de Torrent. This paper analyses historical sources to review and critique bibliography. Are Atypical Things More Popular? Why do some cultural items become popular? Although some researchers have argued that success is random, we suggest that how similar items are to each other plays an important role. Using natural language processing of thousands of songs, we examined the relationship between lyrical differentiation i.

    Results indicated that the more different a song's lyrics are from its genre, the more popular it becomes. This relationship is weaker in genres where lyrics matter less e. The results shed light on cultural dynamics, why things become popular , and the psychological foundations of culture more broadly. The number of website visits, Facebook friends, or Twitter followers that politicians attract varies greatly, but little is known about what drives politicians' online popularity.

    In this article, we use data from a systematic tracking of congressional candidates' popularity on four web platforms Using multivariate regression models, we show that while district-level socioeconomic characteristics have little effect on candidates' online popularity , challengers and candidates in open Surprisingly, how intensely candidates are covered in news media, how popular they are in opinion polls, and how much money they spend during the campaign show no significant effect.

    These findings Palavras-chaves: Turismo. Turismo de Eventos. Festa Nacional da Uva. Caxias do Sul, RS.

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    Events help the local economy as alternative for decreasing the effects caused by seasonality in the major host centers of tourism. The results point the presence of a logistic plan well-organized, with the division of tasks and activities that contribute to the success of the festival. Keywords: Tourism. Events Tourism.