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Piano, harmonium, trumpet, flugelhorn, and a tiny dab of percussion woven into a blanket of audio serenity. Temporal by Julia Kent. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 1, Into The Trees by Zoe Keating.

Paradis, Sicilienne for Violin or Cello (Schott)

Fragile cello and piano recall the bleak childhood of brothers Sebastian and Daniel Selke spent in a large prefab estate in East Berlin. Reworks by David Baron. An in-depth look at the music, life, and influence of beloved artist Arthur Russell.

Explore music. HA JOO. CD and accompanying booklet with texts in English and German.

Faure - Sicilienne cello score

Berceuse, Op Ideas about music, rather than the music itself! But there is no falling-off of quality. These two recordings have admirable qualities, the Hyperion especially.

You notice that the piano parts of his smaller pieces, though simpler, contribute subtleties of movement and character to the whole just as they do in the songs. Gerhardt and Licad on the other hand sound free as air, intellectually confident, full of verve, with niceties of balance and intensities never an issue; a convincing frame of colour, movement and sound in place for every movement, every piece.

Hyperion offers the movement twice, a quicker version of it on a separate track at the end of the disc.

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  7. As a sonata-finale it is certainly an unusual inspiration, beginning as if we were already in the middle of something and invited to eavesdrop. It ends with a version of the Piano Trio with clarinet replacing the customary violin; for me, another novelty.

    Sicilienne, Op. 78 (for cello and piano)

    The booklet speaks of poetry as well as music and has lots of pictures; diffuseness reigns. May it win friends for some excellent and still undervalued music. A world war, plus the private trauma of incipient deafness, helps to explain the yawning gulf between the miniatures and the two sonatas of and This is appreciated by both artists, most movingly in the central Andante.